Tired of dealing with weak cell service
and dropped calls in your work vehicles?

REACH vehicle amplification keeps you CONNECTED wherever you are.

What’s the problem?

Poor cellular reception in your work vehicles isn’t just irritating. It can be costly, even dangerous. From lost business opportunities to safety and even emergency communication, dropped calls and weak signals can let you and your employees down when you need it most.

Who needs a mobile cellular booster?

Anyone who makes a living with their vehicle!

  • Utility and construction contractors
  • Public Safety workers
  • Loggers
  • Salespeople
  • Distributors
  • Government workers
  • and more!

Why Reach Amplification?

Our portable or professionally installed POWER PRO MAX SYSTEMS give you:


outperforming systems purchased online and installed by the user


customer-focused installation and service


solution to fit your exact needs and vehicle


industry-leading warranty on parts and installation

Set your bars higher

Let Reach Amplification create a custom package to keep you in touch from your vehicle. Our Power Pro Max system is the most powerful on the market. It features:

  • Portable or permanent installation
  • Super-strong but compact mobile wireless amplifier
  • Far-reaching exterior antenna with different mounting options
  • Low-profile interior antenna
  • DC Power adapter
  • Discrete equipment pack

How will my cellular service improve?

A Stronger and consistant signal
Reduction in dropped calls
Better voice quality
Faster data speeds
Extended life of batteries