About Us

In 2005 Ryan Kaiser began providing cellular service enhancements privately after working for a cellular plan provider as a service technician. His company, Complete Cellular Service, experienced steady growth by offering outstanding service on great products, and through fair and honest customer engagement.

That company became one of the largest independent cellular amplification companies in the region. In 2018, Ryan decided to change the name to REACH Amplification to highlight the company’s focus on providing clear cell reception and faster internet speeds in buildings and vehicles.

Other things remain the same. Fast and efficient work, industry-leading products and outstanding customer service are still the foundation of REACH’s success. Together with Project Manager Mark Voss, Ryan works hard to educate business customers on the best choice for their amplification needs.

If you’re wondering whether you need amplification for your building or vehicles, you probably do.

And you have several ways to learn more. Fill out the handy form on the REACH US page, send an email, or pick up the phone and call. Your options will be clear in no time.