Always stay connected

wherever you are—in your building or vehicle

Boost weak cell signals and slow cellular data speeds in your business today!

Amplify Your Building

Whether it’s the factory floor, an inner office, or the middle of nowhere, now you can ensure a strong cellular signal, clear cell phone reception and improved internet speeds. Regardless of concrete walls, metal roofs, or distance from a cell tower, you will improve safety, productivity and business relationships with cellular amplification.

Amplify Your Building

Reach Amplification keeps you connected

From a single room to an entire building complex, there are places in your business or organization that always have poor cell reception. Our systems reach out and grab a weak signal, amplify it, and put it to work for you instantly.

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Amplify Your Vehicle

Salespeople, loggers, contractors, public safety or government workers—if you make a living from your vehicle, you’ve probably struggled with poor cell reception. Time to hang up on weak cell signals on the road. Learn more

We work with your cellular carriers

Your Reach Amplification system will boost the cellular signal from all these carriers’ cell towers directly into your building or vehicle.

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The story of Reach Amplification grows from a simple fact: We are dependent on our cell phones and internet service. When we can’t be reached or can’t reach out, or if the cell signal limits internet connectivity, it’s not just an inconvenience. It can cost a business money, reputation—or worse. LEARN MORE

What our customer says

the quality of work and support are unmatched

"I’ve been doing business with REACH for 10+ years. THEIR AMPLIFICATION SYSTEMS ALLOW CONNECTIONS IN PLACES WE'VE NEVER HAD BEFORE. We have Power Pro Max Systems in all of our work trucks. REACH has installed amplification systems in many of our buildings. The quality of work, timeliness in getting the job done, and support are unmatched. I CAN'T AFFORD NOT USING THEIR PRODUCTS.

Steve Ory, Owner, Pioneer Equipment/U.S Forestry Distribution/Enterprise Wood Products

the amplifier in my truck strenthens my phone and internet

“Now my truck is my mobile office. The wireless amplifier in my truck is great because it strengthens both my phone and internet card in my laptop. I can access the same information on the road as I can back in my office. This allows me to give my customers service that is above and beyond.”

Corey Vrolijk, Fabco Equipment

the systems and services have been a game changer

“We knew about amplification, but the systems and service we get from REACH have been a game changer. From customer and vendor communications, to emergencies, to employees’ personal communications with their families, our devices are exponentially more efficient, as is our business. “

Ben Fandre, Server Administrator, Greenheck Fan Corp.

cellular solutions for deep woods environments


Randy Blomberg, Blomberg Trucking / Logging